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Discord: Rabbit#7152
Non-profit announcement 2020-03-08

RabbitReroll been five months since its establishment.

Our original intention is to bring happiness to everyone,Don't forget to relax during your busy working hours. Also to help everyone save wallets.

So RabbitReroll have something to tell you all dears:

First of all:

Many people are surely surprised, that your website is not sending accounts for free, why should you say it is a non-profit website.

Because all goods of rabbitreroll are purchased from professional workshops around the world. Can be defined as rabbitreroll is a professional reseller. But we do not recognize any fees and we resell the original price to the buyer.

After clarifying, we enter the topic:

Half a year ago I became a professional seller on a well-known website.(Old buyers all know, I won't go into details again here.)Like all sellers, I want to make a profit from it.

But my conscience tells me that this is not the money I get from labor, it's just a resale. So I decided from the beginning that my profit would not exceed 20%(Although 20% is already a lot)

But since entering that well-known website, I have often been targeted by moderators there for no reason,(No reason is a joke, Because you touched their profits) Eventually I was kicked out completely.

Since then I have thoroughly seen the rules of this world. What professional websites, free speech and free transactions are all based on corruption. So I created this website. Provided the cheapest price.

Despite this, I still meet a lot of troubles, some guys trying to scam me, some guys spam "suspect funds" on our website payment link etc. In this way, I still decided to run this website permanently. Of course, everyone may be wondering why you can keep it forever if it is not profitable. Because i am a programmer, More than 12 hours of stable online time per day,   I have plenty of time, and I want to use it to learn more, including learning English, dealing with peoples, Know more people and so on Of course, the most important thing is help you to save your wallet ~

Of course, the price is close to normal with my efforts I am happy for that- fewer and fewer people spend unjust money.

For example:

Half year ago, Before i got to that well-known website, their moderators selling each OPBR account for $30 around. (Many old buyers remember? but from beginning to end the ex-factory price keeping $17.5)After my efforts now Their cheapest price has become to $19.(they still get few profits, of course don't want to mess up,Peace has always been my pursuit, I dropped to $20 each While I was on that site, I think it's good for everyone to keep this price. I thought so. But they didn't think so at the time, and tried to find ways to trouble me, seal me, and eventually kick me out.)

Based on above I made some decisions(IMPORTANT):

1. From now on, the website will cancel the web payment function, deleted the payment links.

2. You must contact me before each payment to confirm if I can ship.

(This is because someone pays for bedtime every day. Many of my buyers are resellers, and their customers are anxious, because my delayed shipment makes them considered by their customers as scammers. After getting in touch with us and payment, we will ship within 3-10 minutes.)

3. From now on we will only accept payments from friends&family, We decline any goods&service payment, Whether you are an old buyer or a new buyer. (If you are a buyer in Southeast Asia, And no friend payment option, I recommend you to buy from the website zzreroll, this guy is also trustly, He is a seller in Southeast Asia He may accept more payment methods in Southeast Asia)

4. Even friends&familys pays we will still do our best in responsibility and after-sales service. See my reviews on any platform, 100% Positives.(Even on a well-known website what i got kicked, i still got 100 around positives and 0 negatives reviews), Based on this I will open facebook and discord chat permissions, Everyone can speak freely(You can talk about the game content or sell your own accounts, Of course also you can slander me and welcome to come up with evidence.)As long as you don't talk about politics and other sensitive topics and don't abuse them, and if you make sense, I won't block anyone.

5. Because I manage the site by myself, and this is a sideline. I cannot update the latest data of the product from time to time. so If anyone finds anyone selling anything cheaper than me , please let me know and I will contact the supplier for the latest price latest info. If you find a type or account that I don't have, and from a similar seller, please tell me and I will do my best and find the supplier for you and point out the cheapest price.

6. Here we emphasize non-profit and cheapest means the factory price we get. we won't earn any from them. and the original price is provided to the buyer.

7. About my Youtube channel giveaway accounts, i just love to summon and rolls. My purpose is not to make advertising money from youtube channels. so updates are not fixed.

8. If you think this is not the ex-factory price, feel free to ask or debate with me anywhere, We keep all incoming bills.

At the end:

I will not discuss it again about the well-known website, but if anyone wants to confirm the authenticity, please feel free to argue with me at any place, and I can provide evidence at any time(Include detailed evidence about why I was kicked out).

Thank you for reading and thank you for supporting, my old friends.